Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Renovating Your Home

1. Why is a renovation the right choice for me?  It’s a good idea to first establish your primary reasons for choosing a renovation over new construction.  Perhaps you like most of the features of your current home and you can’t imagine living in any other location.  Whatever the reason, make sure your goals can […]

10 Reasons to Start Your Project Today

Investing a little time and money at the front end of your project will pay dividends to you and your project.  Even if you don’t want to begin construction for years, it’s wise to begin working with an architect at your earliest convenience!  Below, 10 reasons to start your project today. 1. Spread the financial […]

25 Questions to Ask an Architect

The American Institute of Architects developed and published a list of 25 questions that you should ask before hiring an architect.  In some cases, the questions are also worth asking during the process of working with an architect. If you’re in the initial stages of planning a project, it may prove valuable to answer, review, […]