Quality project documentation leads to quality architecture. While some firms rely on the general contractor or subcontractors to fill in gaps, REV’s goal is to communicate the design intent clearly through highly-detailed drawings and specifications. We do this in an effort to do the following:

Ensure that quality requirements are met

Surprises during the construction process are easily avoided by investing the necessary time designing and documenting at the front end of a project. We provide a comprehensive package of documents to ensure owner expectations are met. At REV, details and design decisions are not left to chance or another’s discretion.

Reduce unforeseen costs

The best way to manage costs is by properly defining the scope of the project. REV excels at scope definition. Thorough documentation ensures that the general contractor has the information required to prepare an accurate bid. If a competitive bid process is pursued, proper documentation allows “apple-to-apple” bid comparisons.

Avoid delays in project completion

Major delays are greatly reduced by carefully documenting the design prior to commencement of construction. REV knows that making design decisions in the field is not time efficient.