Project Narrative

As Austin continues to grow, architects will be faced with the challenge of providing quality spaces to emerging small businesses at affordable prices. The interior architecture at Adlucent, an internet marketing firm, meets this challenge.

Painted gypsum, painted wood, and plastic laminate–a modest and affordable palette–finish the 800 sq. ft. office space. A 7’ wide x 15’ long shared work surface breaks with traditional office hierarchies and meets the client’s desire for a collaborative work environment. A low soffit further reinforces the communal feel. The sense of enclosure created by this intervention is especially critical because nearly half of the exterior walls are glazed.

The low ceiling wraps down the end of the desk and provides storage for larger office equipment. Additional storage and filing is provided in the brightly-painted yellow cabinets that bend and slip down the demising wall. A cool blue backdrop completes the space.

Completed While Project Manager at FAB Architecture