Project Narrative

Regional Winner of USGBC’s 2010 Natural Talent Design Competition

Challenging programmatic requirements are transformed into valuable assets in this Broadmoor neighborhood residence. In keeping with the vernacular of New Orleans architecture, the house is long and narrow, similar to the highly prevalent shotgun house. An analogous language is found on the interior where an open floor plan and well-lighted single loaded corridor allow unobstructed passage to the rear of the house. Finally, a front porch offers the connectivity to the street and sidewalk that is typical of the area.

While the neighborhood pattern is maintained on the surface, the design solution explores ideas that enhance the neighborhood and build towards a more sustainable future. From the street, a rain garden filled with broadleaf cattails, a vegetated screen covered with native Virginia creeper vine, and photovoltaic panels highlight a new approach to Broadmoor redevelopment and sustainable residential design.

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