Project Narrative

After reviewing new homes in the area and feeling dissatisfied with the site responsiveness and quality they found, the property owners commissioned REV to produce a schematic design that would meet the needs of their growing family and address the unique qualities of their shoreline property.

Designed for a family of four, this 2,800 square foot residence leverages the extreme slope of its shoreline site on Bee Creek Cove to create a site-sensitive and highly-livable home.  A series of massive limestone walls run parallel to the existing terrain, minimizing excavation and the need for a costly foundation.  While the walls act as earth retention devices, many also thicken to serve as inhabitable space at the interior of the residence.  Additionally, walls are strategically staggered and extended, effectively shading the large expanses of glass from the harsh late afternoon sun.  This drastically reduces the cooling that might otherwise be required, while still offering visual access to Lake Travis.  Ample covered parking is provided beneath the main level of the home, removing vehicles from the view of passerby on lake or street.

Renderings: Schafer Illustration